What am I?

I am the leaf and the tree. I am the drop and the sea. I am the dust and the star. I am the wrinkle and the space. I am the mirror and the you. I am the pursuit and the pole.

Engraved Pebbles (cont..)

9. Riches and vigor are relative and depend on relevance. A blindfolded pursuit can cost your soul. 10. Insecurity and power can lure you into shallows, one with fear and the other with thirst for more. 11. Walk gentle and in awareness. A sense of rush can ditach you from your own soul. 12. You … Read more

Engraved Pebbles!

Promise health and a tomorrow to yourself first. Prosperity starts with them. Remember, insurance is not health, health is the insurance. Life finds its own way. Be ok with things to take own pace and path. Life happens not according to dates and plans. People and relationships are the most important entities in life without … Read more

Can the one slow down?

While one can point fingers at everyone or anyone for everything, none can escape from the Chitta, the witness, the one within. While an action can get transformed as a karma that leads to a consequence eventually, one can make efforts to clean these impressions too. Ability to acknowledge past ones is the first milestone. … Read more

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